The Beardstown Sanitary District welcomes you to our page.  The Beardstown Sanitary District is a unit of local government, established under the Illinois Sanitary District Act of 1917.  The District, in collaboration with the City of Beardstown, provides comprehensive wastewaster treatment for both commercial and residential customers residing with the City and District.  The District is managed by a Board of Trustees who strive to meet the needs of the District's customers, while maintaining prudent, responsible financial management in accordance with its duties to the District's taxpayers.  

Beardstown Sanitary District is an Equal Opportunity Provider

The District welcomes your input by attending its posted public meetings or by contacting the District's superintendent at 217-323-3521 or treatit@casscomm.com.
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Since 1998, we have provided exceptional service to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors, including electric and gas utilities, schools,  and manufacturing facilities.
Beardstown Sanitary District
The District uses this space to list important announcements, including job openings, news, and other information pertaining to the District's operations.  Please check back often for updates.
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